Horizons Social Studies Bundle - U.S. History - Grade 5



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Bundle Includes:

-Student Text, Hardcover, Full Color - 590 pgs
-Answer Key

Harcourt Horizons systematically introduces to the exciting world around them with engaging lessons and activities designed to appeal to different types of learners.

Gorgeous Photos, Glossy pages, Biographies, Vocabulary, Activitiesd, Hands On Suggestions, Virtual Tours, Lesson Reviews and plenty more.

Text Includes:
-Quick Summary: The main idea of each lesson is clearly and succinctly stated.
-Objectives: Specific, concrete objectives tell you exactly what your child will learn in each lesson.
-Core Activities: A checklist includes teaching suggestions for the most essential activities of each lesson.
-Optional and Enrichment Activities: Supplemental activities and suggestions are provided for exploring in more depth.
-Good to Know: This feature provides additional information about the people, places, and events from the lessons.

Contains features that integrate learning across the curriculum
Offers exercises for reaching students of varied skill levels and learning styles

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