Holt Environmental Science Bundle - Grades 9-12 - Elective



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Bundle Includes:
-Student CD-Rom - 6 Units - 21 Chapters
-Teacher's Edition
-Chapter Resource CD-ROM

Build skills for success in science with relevant and motivating features, extension labs, and activities to grab students' attention. Holt Environmental Science offers full content coverage, including ecology and Earth science, and is presented in a readable, visually appealing narrative. The activities and features of this program address the needs of all students, crating understanding and getting students involved.

Holt Environmental Science contents:

Student One-Stop CD-ROM contains:
-Student Edition
-Study Guide
-Audio in MP3 format
-Active Reading Workbook
-Reading in the Content Area

Teacher's Edition:
-Strategies make material accessible to all students
-Features to create relevance and promote discussion

Chapter Resource CD-ROM:
-Concept Review, Critical Thinking, and Map Skills Worksheets
-Data sheets for In-Text Labs
-Modeling, Observation, and Research Labs
-Field Activities
-Graphing Labs
-Quizzes and Chapter Tests
-Answer Keys

Also... On-Line resources:
For the Student
-Follow links to find resources that will make your study of chemistry more rewarding and enjoyable.
-Click to find links to SciLinks, CNN Student News, and RiverDeep. These online resources are designed to help you get the most out of your textbook.
-Click to find handy science reference information at your fingertips.

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