Houghton Mifflin Science Bundle - Grade 6



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Bundle Includes:
-Student Text - Hardcover - Full-Color - 730+ Pages
-Teacher's Edition on 3 CD-Roms w/Student Worksheets, Texts, Quizzes & Much More

Houghton Mifflin Science gives you the resources you need to fit science into your day.
This hands-on, inquiry-based program provides:

* Readable standards-based content
* Powerful integration of reading, vocabulary, and writing
* Flexible three-step inquiry strategy and materials management solutions
* Multiple ongoing assessments to prepare students for test success

*eTeacher's Edition CD-ROM contains:
-Teacher's Edition w/Answers
-Student Edition book pages
-Building Vocabulary
-Assessment Resources
-Reading Skills worksheets
-Chapter Concept worksheets
-Investigate Record worksheets
-Lesson Review worksheets
-Writing in Science worksheets
-Math Skills worksheets
-Unit Review worksheets
-Review and Test Prep worksheets

Student Edition Level 1 9780618492237
eTeacher's Edition CD-ROM 9780618634576

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