Harcourt SV - Focus On Science Bundle - Grade 6 w/Teacher Ed.



Bundle Includes:

-Student Workbook

-Teacher's Edition

Featuring new content and images, this newly revised classic recognizes skills diversity and presents manageable amounts of content and precise science concepts, followed directly by practice activities and reviews.

When basal texts are overwhelming, Focus on Science is the answer.

This program delivers core curriculum and focuses on essential content through an easy-to-understand approach.
Contains manageable amounts of content followed directly by practice activities and reviews.

* Students will find the style appealing and the content very easy to use. Controlled vocabulary, carefully selected illustrations, and meaningful science activities work together to provide a positive learning experience for all students.
* For students who rely on visual clues for a better understanding of what they read, illustrations, photographs, and charts reinforce important terms and concepts.
* Focus on Science recognizes skill diversity and presents science concepts precisely, matching grade-level content.

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