General Science Bundle w/Teacher Text

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General Science Set Includes:
-Student Text - Hardcover - Full Color - 459 pages
-Teacher's Edition

This text offers a comprehensive, systematic overview of key scientific concepts.
Fundamental concepts are presented in easily manageable segments. This easy to read, richly illustrated textbook appeals to a wide variety of students.
Full-color Student Text and high-interest graphics enhance instruction
* Short, easy-to-grasp sections promote student success
* Comprehensive chapter summaries and review exercises reinforce learning
* Lesson objectives outline topics
* Provides chapter summary and test-taking tips in every chapter
* Science Investigations provide hands-on experience
* Science In Your Life activities help students apply skills to everyday life

This text is designed to help students explore and understand the world around them gaining practice in working with data and sharpen their abilities to infer, classify, and theorize.

Table of Contents:
*The Metric System
*The Structure of Matter
*Chemical Reactions
*Motion and Energy
*Work and Machines
*Sound and light
*Electricity and Magnetism
*Describing Earth
*Minerals and Rocks
*Weathering and Erosion
*Forces Inside Earth
*Earth's History
*Earth's Water
*Earth's Atmosphere
*Weather and Climate
*The Solar System
*How Living Things Are Alike
*Heredity and Evolution
*Meeting the Body's Basic Needs
*The Body's Control Systems

Teacher's Edition
Full Color - Hardcover

Designed to help the parent/teacher guide the student to get the most from this program. The teacher's edition provides:

*Teaching Objectives
*Teaching Options to help students with different learning styles
*Planning Guide
*Chapter Overview
*Unit Overview

Each chapter will provide:
*Vocabulary Preparation
*Reading Strategies
*Teaching Strategies

Teacher's Edition includes:
*Student Study Guides
*Resource Files
*Student Workbook Pages
*Lab Manual
*Self-Study Guide
*Chapter Mastery Tests

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