EARTH SCIENCE KIT Grades 6-9 w/Text, Parent Guide CD, Tests, Lab



-Student Text, Hardcover, Full Color
-Chapter Resources CD-ROM with:
-Labs and Activities
-Lab Notes
-Answer Keys to Worksheets, Labs & Tests

-Parent Guide CD-ROM (replaces Teacher Edition)

This course consists of 28 chapters arranged in 8 units

-Reading Strategy and Reading Check features help develop comprehension skills
-Features to engage student interest:
-Math in Focus activities help students apply math skills to lessons
-Quick labs and Chapter labs with online extensions
-Inclusion strategies make material accessible to all students
-Numerous features to create relevance and promote discussion
-Activities and demonstrations build student interest

<i>The Holt Science & Technology series combines the content you need with an accessible design, student-friendly narrative, and vivid visuals.</i>

For each chapter, a Pre-Reading Activity helps students organize their ideas, and a Start-Up Activity gets them motivated!
Each section includes Objectives, Key Terms, and a Reading Check to develop reading skills, vocabulary, and understanding.

The Homeschool Parent Guide CD-ROM replaces Teacher's Editions in these sets. The CD includes a wide variety of teaching resources, including daily lesson plans that make it simple to plan each day's instruction and prioritize instructional activities. Answers to Student Edition activities are also provided on this CD.

Lesson Plans include:
-Overview: A brief synopsis of each section is clearly and succinctly stated so you can see at a glance what your child will be learning.
-Core Activities: Teaching suggestions for the most essential activities of each lesson are listed in a checklist format.
-Optional and Enrichment Activities: supplemental activities and teaching suggestions are provided so that you and your child may explore each lesson in more depth.
-Good to Know: this feature provides additional information about the concepts studied, plus Misconception Alerts, Science Bloopers, and other high-interest information related to the lessons.

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