Integrated Science Bundle - AP Grades 11/12

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Bundle Includes:
-Student Text - 700+ pages
-Instructor's Manual

Includes topics of:
-Earth Science
-and Astronomy.

For 11th-12th grade high school science - AP Level Course

Features and Benefits:
-Strong authorship.
-Meets the high school integrated science standards endorsed by the National Science Foundation.
-Writing style reflects authors' personalities; it's personal, direct, relatable, funny, and clear.
-Presents concepts before math. Equations are given after a concept has been discussed.
-Advocates the 3-stage "Learning Cycle:" (1)Exploration, (2)Concept Development, and (3)Application.
-Uses overarching themes to help link the science disciplines together.
-Integrated Science features, noted by an icon within the flow of the text, profile areas where the subjects converge.
-Unparalleled media package that includes interactive tutorials, interactive figures, and renowned demonstration videos.
-Comprehensive Web site provides fun and rewarding additional instruction on challenging concepts. Includes chapter overviews, tutorials, interactive figures, video demonstrations, activities, quizzes, and more.

Check Yourself questions and answers throughout the text help students gauge their level of comprehension as they read.
Math Connection boxes allow students to understand scientific concepts in a quantitative manner.

<b>Table of Contents:</b>
1. About Science
2. Describing Motion
3. Newton's Law of Motion
4. Energy and Momentum
5. Gravity
6. Heat
7. Electricity and Magnetism
8. Waves - Sound and Light
9. The Atom
10. Nuclear Physics
11. Investigating Matter
12. The Nature of Chemical Bonds
13. Chemical Reaction
14. Organic Chemistry
15. The Basic Unit of Life -The Cell
16. Genetics
17. The Evolution of Life
18. Biological Diversity
19. Human Biology I: Control and Development
20. Human Biology II: Care and Maintenance
21. Ecosystems and Environment
---Earth Science
22. Plate Tectonics
23. Rocks and Minerals
24. Earth's Surface: Land and Water
25. Weather
26. A Brief History of the Earth
---Space Science
27. The Solar System
28. The Universe

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