AMSCO Algebra 1 - Grade 9 Bundle

  • Manufactured by: PERFECTION LEARNING



Grades 9 through 12

Homeschool Bundle Includes:

  • Student Edition
  • Answer Key 

This 669 + page text was written to meet needs of students requiring a traditional elementary Algebra course.

Helps in the understanding of basic concepts of elementary Algebra and helps the student acquire important manipulative algebraic skills.

The text presents a modern structural approach but avoids extremely rigorous treatment of Algebra.

Using simple language and symbolism, the  basic concepts of each topic are carefully developed.

Model problems are solved and accompanied by detailed - step-by-step explanations to teach the student how to apply the principles and follow the procedures.

The  methods used assist the student in both understanding & mastering  the topics.

An Answer Key is included. 


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