Criminalistics - An Introduction to Forensic Science Bundle

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Bundle Includes:
-Student Textbook - Full Color - Hardcover
-Instructor's Manual/Guide

- Written specifically for the high school market.
- Science has been simplified.
- Updated techniques, practices, and procedures.
- 4-color design improves accessibility.
- HS Lab Exercises contains accessible, fun, inexpensive, and safe labs.
- Written by an expert and renowned authority in forensic science.
- Computer Forensics chapter - Hot Topic!

Criminalistics is the definitive source for forensic science because it makes the technology of the modern crime laboratory clear to the non-scientist. Written by a well-known authority, the text covers the comprehensive realm of forensics and its role in criminal investigations. Physical evidence collection and preservation techniques are examined in detail-including chapters on Computer Forensics and DNA. By referencing real cases throughout, Criminalistics, captures the pulse and intensity of forensic science investigations and the attention of the busiest student. Some new, excited features for this edition include:

New! Crime-Scene Reconstruction chapter
New! Coverage of the latest DNA forensic technology
New! MyCrimeKit - is an online supplement available separately that offers book-specific content such as Learning Objectives; Chapter Summaries Flashcards Practice Tests,Video Clips, Web Extras, and Animations Activities!

This book aims at making the subject of forensic science comprehensible to a wide variety of readers who are planning on being aligned with the forensic science profession.

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