Essentials of Oceanography Bundle

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Bundle Includes:
-Student Text - Hardcover - Full Color - 542 fine print pages
-Teacher/Instructor's Manual

High School Elective

How do the oceans work?
To help students find the answers, This textbook set presents in-depth and rigorous discussions of oceanographic concepts and demystify the science.
Their systems approach highlights the interdisciplinary relationship between oceanographic phenomena and how those phenomena affect other Earth systems.
Scientific information from geology, chemistry, physics, and biology combine to illustrate how each of these disciplines relates to the ocean.

Features and Benefits:

-A truly interdisciplinary approach draws together the interrelated spheres that compose Earth's systems as they relate to the oceans: geological oceanography, chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, biological oceanography.
-The popular 'Students Sometimes Ask' feature poses common, and often entertaining, real questions asked by students and answered by the author (e.g., "Why do my fingers get all wrinkly when I stay in the water for a long time?" - "Can internal waves break?")
-Thematic organization of feature boxes highlights captivating examples and stories:
-Historical Features focus on historical developments in oceanography that tie into chapter topics
-Research Methods in Oceanography highlights how oceanographic knowledge is obtained
-Oceans and People examine the interaction of humans and the ocean environment.
-Focus on the Environment emphasize environmental issues, which are an increasingly important component of the book
- "The Oceanography of Everyday Things" illustrates the association between the ocean and a host of everyday things.
-End-of-chapter questions and exercises help students self-check their understanding.
-Key Questions at the beginning of each chapter are tied directly to the highlighted 'Concept Statements' within the text, focusing students' attention on key concepts.

-Geoscience Animations icons throughout the text are provided to:
*Link at appropriate points in the narrative to a suite of new, state-of-the art computer animations created by Al Trujillo and a panel of geoscience educators, designed specifically for the most recent edition.
*Help students visualize some of the most challenging oceanographic concepts.
*Demonstrate animations of: Formation of Seamounts/Tablemounts and Stages of Coral Reef Development; How Calcareous Ooze Can Be Found Beneath the Calcite Compensation Depth (CCD); Ekman Spiral and Coastal Upwelling/Downwelling; Interference Patterns in Waves; The Deep Scattering Layer (DSL).

-Key terms are noted in bold print, which are defined when they are introduced and are included in the glossary.
-The authors use the international metric system (Systeme International or SI units) with comparable English system units in parentheses.

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