Power Basics: School To Career Bundle

  • Manufactured by: WALCH


Bundle Includes:

  • Student Text
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher's Guide, Answer Key & Test Pack

Grades 6-12

The Power Basics curriculum, designed for middle and high school students, features essential textbook content, in an updated, easy-to-use format. Power Basics is organized into manageable instructional units that build proficiency and mastery.

Accessible and low-cost, the Power Basics curricula provide core content for high school level learners.
Provides helpful information to assist students in getting a job.
Covers the skills needed for success on the job.
Informs students about what to expect when they enter the workforce.
Addresses workplace communication, evaluations, and challenges.
Designed for striving students, adult learners, English language learners, and may also be used for special needs students.

The practical books provide the essentials of the curriculum -- With manageable step-by-step lessons, clearly defined examples, controlled vocabulary support, and frequent practive and review, your students will gain confidence in what they are learning.

-The student text focuses on one concept at a time, illustrates lessons with concrete models and examples, and provides sample practice to achieve proficiency and mastery.
-The student workbook is designed to extend and enrich the student text with a variety of critical-thinking challenges, practice activities, cooperative learning opportunities, and more.
-The Teacher's Guide provides an overview of each unit; extension activities; a glossary; record-keeping forms; and graphic organizers for instruction.
-Test Packs offer a pretest, unit tests, a posttest, scoring keys, and test-taking strategies.

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