Nutrition & Wellness Bundle

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Bundle Includes:

  • Student Textbook - 622 pgs. - Full Color - Hardcover
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher Edition - Hardcover - Full Color

    Teach your students responsible eating and exercise habits with this enthusiastic, motivational text.

    This brand new program helps your students learn to make wise choices about nutrition and fitness as they sort through today's ever-expanding array of food options.

    Nutrition & Wellness for Life stresses the importance of healthful eating and physical activity across the life span.
    The text includes strategies for staying physically active and for meeting the special needs of the competitive athlete.
    The nutrition link to social and mental health is explained. Students will learn how to recognize sources of stress and reduce its negative impact on total weiIness.
    The text also explains how to handle food safely, plan nourishing meals, and make healthy food choices when eating out.
    -Includes recently released Dietary Reference Intakes, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and MyPlate food guidance system.
    -New chapter features include WeI/ness Tip, Math Link, and Extend Your Knowledge as well as case studies and career snapshots.
    -Critical thinking, application, technology, academic, and workplace-related activities extend learning.
    -New career planning appendix, Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, BMI-forage percentile graphs, and Dietary Reference Intake tables serve as valuable resources.

    Part 1 Food Habits: A Lifestyle Choice
    1. Making Well ness a Lifestyle
    2. Factors Affecting Food Choices
    3. How Nutrients Become You
    4. Nutrition Guidelines

    Part 2 The Health Effects of Energy Nutrients
    5. Carbohydrates: The Preferred Body Fuel
    6. Fats: A Concentrated Energy Source
    7. Proteins: The Body's Building Blocks

    Part 4 Nutrition Management: A Lifelong Activity
    11. Nutrition Across the Life Span
    12. The Energy Balancing Act
    13. Healthy Weight Management - Eating Disorders

    Part 5 Other Aspects of Wellness
    1S. Staying Physically Active: A Way of Life
    16. Eating for Sports Performance
    17. Maintaining Positive Social and Mental Health
    1B. Stress and Wellness
    19. Drug and Supplement Use and Your Health

    Part 6 Making Informed Choices
    20. Keeping Food Safe
    21. Meal Management
    22. Become an Informed Consumer
    (New!) Appendix A-Career Planning
    Appendix B-Canada's Food Guide
    Appendix C-Dietary Reference Intakes
    Appendix D-Nutritive Value of Foods
    (New!) Appendix E-Exchange Lists for Meal Planning
    (New!) Appendix F-Body Mass Index-for-Age Percentiles

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