Introduction to Video Game Design Bundle

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Ideal for a 1 semester - 1/2 credit course elective.

Bundle Includes:

  • Student Text
  • Exams
  • Integration Manual
  • Answers

    -Activity-based, integrated curriculum: game-theory reading with game-building application lessons.
    -Designed to fit into existing high school or middle school CTE curriculum.
    -Text and Software Design Guide in one!
    Engage your student!
    Help prepare your students for the rigor of a career in the video game design industry with Introduction to Video Game Design. The twenty-first century student is wired to technology. What better example of this than the explosive growth of the video game design industry?

    Written by a veteran teacher of video game design curriculum, Introduction to Video Game Design shows students the relevance of learning the basics of how to design a video game.
    This high-demand curriculum will engage your students in the learning process every day.

    Introduction to Video Game Design will not only engage your student, but will also demonstrate the demand for this curriculum.

    This innovative product is designed to be very flexible, allowing it to be used In a variety of curriculum applications. Lessons are integrated for 15, 20, 30, 45, or 90 days/hours of instruction.

    Game build lessons are based on the freeware software Game maker. The freeware software Blender is used in the art sequence.

    Activity-based, integrated curriculum of game-theory reading with game-building application lessons allows students hands-on experience designing games.

    Designed to fit into existing high school or middle school CTE or business-applications curriculum, making it easy to adapt your current learning environment to this high-demand curriculum. Ideal for after-school clubs and competitive-event preparation to empower students for success.


    Guide the explorer through the maze to collect the gems, but watch out for spiders! Use the dynamite to open the doors to the next level.

    <b>Meteors Attack!</b>

    You are Earth's last defense against a meteor shower! Fly your spaceship to avoid meteors while launching photons to destroy the meteors.

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