Holt AMERICAN HISTORY Bundle Grades 9-12



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Bundle Includes:
-Student Edition Textbook - Hardcover - Full Color - 10 Units - 33 Chapters
-Teacher DVD-ROM

For use in Grades 9-12

Holt McDougal American Anthem is a high school American History program that helps you bring history to life. Engaging videos, maps, games, and other activities will motivate your students to learn. Through the analysis of historical documents, political cartoons, and maps, students will develop critical-thinking skills while making a connection between history and their own lives.

Holt McDougal American Anthem Complete Contents List:

Student Edition:
-Engaging narratives and visuals
-Reading strategies and skill development

Teacher One-Stop DVD-ROM:
-Interactive Teacher's Edition
-Quizzes and Tests
-Interactive Reader and Study Guide
-Biography, Literature, and Vocabulary Worksheets
-History's Impact: American History Video Program
-Civic Participation Activities
-Americana History Outline Maps
-Constitution Study Guide
-MindPoint Quiz Show
-Holt PuzzlePro (create crossword and word search puzzles)
-Answer Keys

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