Prentice Hall Math - Algebra 2 Bundle

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Bundle Includes:
-Student Edition textbook
-All-In-One Student Workbook
-Teacher Edition
-Teacher's Guide for the All-In-One Student Workbook

Algebra 2

Key Algebra 1 concepts and skills are reviewed in Chapter 1 so that each child can be
successful moving on to more advanced content.

Prentice Hall Mathematics helps children at all ability levels to attain critical mathematics skills, math concepts and estimation, math vocabulary, problem-solving and interpretation, and communicating mathematical ideas.

Proven Content
-Prentice Hall offers a legacy of strong mathematics publishing to
provide you the content you need to cover, in the sequence that you want.

Go Online
-Access to online videos, quizzes, projects, and other resources to help the
student learn more about the covered material.
-Homework Video Tutors provide guided, step-by-step instruction that support the
skills taught in the chapters. Web codes are provided throughout the textbook.

Independent research shows, unequivocally, that our program works.
Students achieve higher test scores and have an improved, more positive attitude about mathematics.

Parents will find the most comprehensive support for instruction and superior planning, teaching, and assessment tools.

Program Overview
Prentice Hall Mathematics maintains the quality content for which Prentice Hall is known, with the research-based approach students need. Engage your high school learner and capture your child's interest with exciting and easy-to-use curriculum. Know you are effective. Feel confident about the program's strong authorship, proven student success, and wide range of built-in opportunities to assess your child's understanding.

The Prentice Hall Mathematics program provides abundant exercises and addresses a wide range of children's abilities. Multiple representations of concepts and skills are introduced algebraically, graphically, numerically, and verbally-often in the same lesson to help children make the connection and to address diverse learning styles. Key algebraic concepts are introduced early and opportunities to develop conceptual understanding appear throughout the text. Frequent and varied skill practice ensures your child's proficiency and success.

The Prentice Hall Mathematics program helps children learn to value the need to think logically and present ideas in a logical order. Solid coverage of both structure and applications are provided along with traditional geometry concepts and logical reasoning that are emphasized throughout, while measurement and applications are integrated to motivate math learners via real-world connections. The text provides numerous opportunities to assess basic skills along with abundant remediation and intervention activities.

The Teacher's Edition provides an instructional plan teaching problem-solving strategies, critical-thinking skills, estimation, mental-math skills, and all basic math concepts and skills. Its design encourages active participation within the context of problem-solving situations, abundant practice to master those skills, and developed models your child will actively work with to solve problems.


Pearson creates education materials for all types of learners. When creating a program, we ensure that the material will be accessible to as many students as possible and as such, we create many ancillary products to fit specific situations to meet a variety of needs. While there are many components to each of our overall educational programs, some of these ancillaries do not meet the needs of homeschoolers, others do not make sense in a homeschool environment and some require an expensive technological infrastructure to deploy. The homeschool product configurations, while selected from a larger program, are complete curriculum bundles designed for your children to be engaged and to thrive, while being mindful of your budget. It is important to note that at times there will be resources mentioned throughout your materials that are not included in your package, however this will not hinder your child's successful completion of the course.

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