MyLab Parent Access Kit for Pearson Homeschool Edition (Required

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This is the PARENT ACCESS KIT - It is REQUIRED to utilize a Student Lab.

MyLab Parent Access Kit for Pearson Homeschool Edition required for student access kit.
Only 1 Parent Access Kit is needed if consumers use multiple Mylabs products.

<font color="800080">The Parent Access Kit for the MyLab Homeschool Editions enables Parents to set up the MyLabs courses for their students.
It provides set up and allows parents to customize the product to meet the needs of each child.
Provides instructions for course login, registration, creation and setup.
<b>This kit is required as it enables student access into for student access</b> to MyMathLab Algebra I,
MyMathLab Algebra 2, MyWritingLab, and the MyFoundationsLab Pearson Homeschool Edition courses.
Only one Parent Access Kit is required to activate student access for all MyLab Homeschool courses.</font>

MyFoundationsLab Math is a set of online courses designed to provide parents with rich and flexible course material that will help their child master the basic concepts of reading, writing, and/
or math.
Beginning at a 4th grade proficiency level and progressing to college readiness skills, this motivational tutorial and homework system successfully guides through each learning objective with interactive exercises, individual feedback, and a personal study plan.

MyMathLab is the most advanced and widely-used online math tutorial and assessment system in the world. The system will diagnose their strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized study plan based on their individual work. The integrated learning tools of MyMathLab will successfully guide your child through completion of more math problems.

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MyFoundationsLab helps your child reach more moments of true understanding that lead to better results in the classroom and beyond.

Key features and benefits:
-Personalized diagnostics and assessments
-Remediation and enrichment from 4th grade proficency levels through college readiness
-Progressive exercises and activities
-Pre-built and customizable assessments
-Interactive learning activities and multimedia learning aids
-Multiple opportunities to practice and apply skills to mastery
-Gradebook features that allow your child to instantly monitor their own progress

What MyFoundationsLab Math offers...

For the parent:
-Target you child's corrective path, anytime, anywhere
-Assess your child's ability levels and provide discrete skill remediation or enrichment
-Engage your child in their own learning to develop the skills expected in college and in the workforce

For the child:
-Work in a personalized learning environment and focus on the areas where help is needed
-Receive instant, guided feedback when learning and applying new skills
-Increase proficiency levels at their own pace
-Multiple ways to access instruction and demonstrate concept mastery

MyFoundationsLab offers an online course environment for diagnostic assessment, remediation and progress monitoring. Parents and children together will reach true understanding through these courses and have a trusted and reliable partner to guide them along the way.
Your childs' assignments are pre-built and assigned for you, and your child will receive immediate feedback as he or she works through their activities. As always, you may customize the assignments and modify your course to meet your childs' individual needs, but we have designed this course so your child can get started as soon as you create your course.

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